We Improve
Your Awareness
Toward Your Systems

Don't miss anything happens in your systems.



We help system, application owners or developers to improve their awareness toward their systems. You may own a website, mobile application, etc. and in order to know what is going on in your system, you should check your logs or emails regularly. However, you may be late if something fatal happens. Neroty come in handy here. With just a few implementation, you will be notified immediately through your mobile phone about your systems.

It is not about just errors. You may want to know if a new user has registered, if an user has posted something, etc. you can send notifications about them too.

Also, it is not platform dependant. You will send just post requests so it is not important which language or platform you are using.

How It Works

With just taking these 3 steps, you are ready to go.

Get Neroty

We are actually in beta stage so it is available for just Android at the moment. IOS and Windows Applications are on the way.

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If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer them.